About Me & My Staff

My name is Martina Dinnerson license number 14117 and I enjoy nothing more than being a licensed massage therapist and am very passionate about helping people on their healing journey.  

I am skilled in Swedish, Deep tissue, Medical, pregnancy & Sports massage.  Although all of these modalities are within my comfort level, I specialize in in but am not limited to deep tissue techniques focusing on postural and pain issues.  

I believe in healing from within to properly maintain the body.

Along this journey of healing I have met several other therapist that view this wonderful practice of massage just the same as I do.

Etienne Harris has a magnetic touch in providing relaxing Swedish massages.  He's a highly trained skilled professional!

Zyone Healing Massage would like to welcome Amy Cujas to the team!

Amy is a Registered Massage Therapist with physical therapy background. She is a licensed Massage Therapist with a bachelor's degree in exercise Science. She Specializes in sports massage, therapeutic treatments and deep relaxation techniques. Amy likes to use her forearms, knuckles and elbow stripping techniques to go deep into the muscles and release tension and stiffness. Book your appointment with Amy and enjoy her Massage Therapy style and techniques.


With adding Amy to our team Zyone Healing Massage!

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