Booty Lift

Booty Lift

If you desire a firm, lifted booty but don’t want to undergo painful, time-consuming surgery, you’re in luck! At Zyone Healing Massage, we offer a non-surgical booty lift procedure that will help give your buns more definition and tone.

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A non-surgical booty lift has several aesthetic and confidence-boosting benefits. After only a few sessions, you may see a tighter, more sculpted booty. In addition to a firmer bum, you may also notice smoother skin and a reduction of cellulite in your legs and hips. Best of all, you will feel better in your own skin and more self-assured in your clothes!

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Treatment Schedule

One booty lift session at Zyone Healing Massage isn’t enough for noticeable results. Initial treatment should include at least five sessions in five consecutive days if possible, and you should only go one time per day during this first treatment period. To maintain your booty lift results, you should continue getting one treatment every other week.

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Non-Surgical Booty Lift Breakdown

Even though this isn’t a surgical procedure, many people are nervous before their first booty lift. However, there isn’t anything to fear! The treatment session generally only lasts between 20 to 30 minutes. During this time, you will lie on your stomach while a trained therapist uses suction cups to pull the blood and fatty tissue to the skin’s surface on your bum, resulting in a plump, round appearance.

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Post-Treatment Instructions

A non-surgical booty lift is easy to recover from. You only need to avoid strenuous activities for two hours after treatment, and then you can continue with your regular plans. After the procedure, you should wear shapewear, as compression garments help with circulation and discomfort. Keep in mind that it’s normal to have skin redness and swelling from the suction cups. It’s important to note that this procedure is not recommended for people who take blood thinners or clotting medications.

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