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I’d love to play a regular role in your beauty and fitness regimen.

My name is Martina Woods. I am a 2012 Massage Therapy graduate of the Southeastern Institute in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 2016 I received my Medical Massage Therapy license and opened my own practice, Zyone Healing Massage, to share my passion for Therapeutic and Medical Massage with clients in my own, unique setting. Although my original passion is massage, pain management and overall physical well-being, I recently became interested in providing cosmetic aesthetic treatments as a complement to my massage practice. As a certified Body Sculpting and Contouring professional, with additional certification as an Advanced Lymphatic Drainage Professional, I am now able to offer my clients a full suite of non-surgical body contouring treatments at my newly renamed practice, Zyone Healing Massage & Body Contouring.

I’m passionate about helping each of my clients on their journey to health and wellness and believe that healing from within is the first step towards maintaining your body. All my therapeutic protocols are custom tailored to your needs to help you look and feel your absolute best.

At Zyone Healing Massage, we provide healing massages and medical spa services to help you uncover your overall well-being. Whether you are looking for preventative skincare, or you are looking to heal your pain points, we are here for you. We pride ourselves on being a woman-owned company, putting our customers first by listening to each need and creating customized services. No matter what your medical spa service needs may be, we have something for everyone.

With years of professional experience and customer-first care, choose Zyone Healing Massage as your place for healing and body transformation. Contact us today to see how we can help with your specific needs and schedule an appointment with us!

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